Faculty Advisor

DeMarais, Alyce

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2011


The genes bub1 and cdc20 are involved in regulation of meiotic arrest during maturation of the oocyte (immature egg). Meiotic arrest is important in oogenesis, the development of fertilizable eggs, and allows for identification of any DNA mutations or chromosome assembly errors, thus preventing damaged eggs from being ovulated. This study has examined the expression of spindle assembly checkpoint genes bub1 and cdc20. Oocytes were treated with DHP (hormone to induce maturation) or by nocodazole, a spindle destabilizing agent, and relative amounts of mRNA were measured using RT-PCR. These experiments will establish a timeline of bub1 and cdc20 activation after DHP treatment and will help us to understand the mechanism by which bub1 causes meiotic arrest, either by cdc20 phosphorylation or by cytostatic factors in response to spindle destabilization.


University of Puget Sound

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