The very first student newspaper on the University of Puget Sound campus was called Ye Recorde. It was started in 1895, not long after Puget Sound University, as the school was then known, was founded in 1888 and had enrolled its first class of 88 students in 1890. In 1903 the newspaper’s named was changed to The Maroon, and seven years later it was changed to The Trail, which endures today.

The Trail is an independent, student-run newspaper funded by the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound. The Trail staff produce a weekly newspaper with comprehensive information relevant to students, thereby creating an archival record for the university. The newspaper serves as a link between Puget Sound and the greater Tacoma community, and provides an open forum for student opinion and discourse.

Physical copies of the issues represented in this digital collection are available in the University Archives. Contact for more information.

The most recent content fromThe Trail can be found on their website.

Historical Context Statement

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