The Trail, 1940-12-13


The Trail, 1940-12-13



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University of Puget Sound


College graduates--Employment

  • “2 B.A. Graduates Wanted for Jobs, Says Registrar,” 3

College sports

  • “Chi Nus Dominate Play as Badminton Nears Final Week,” 4

College sports--Football

  • “CPS Rangers to Clash Lacey Boys Offer First Home Game Opposition,” 4
  • “Lumberjacks Win Opening Game 39-36,” 4

College stores

  • “CPS Bookstore Sells 25-cent Show Passes,” 3

College student newspapers and periodicals

  • “If Student Wants a Six-Column Trail They Must Show Interest in Advertisers,” 2

College students--Social life and customs

  • “Campus Jottings,” 2
  • “German Club Plans Hike, ‘Friday the 13th,’ Meeting,” 1
  • “Mysterious Dorm Newcomer is Labeled as Beautiful Dummy,” 2
  • “Weekend Social Calendar is Filled with Holiday Welcoming Affairs,” 3
  • “What to do About Crowded Activities –CPS Students Comment on Situation,” 1

College theater

  • “Christmas Play is Tradition at CPS; 2 Children in Cast,” 1
  • “Realistic Marionettes Put on First Show in Artist Programs,” 1

Collins Memorial Library

  • “Library Books Missing,” 1

Concert programs

  • “College Broadcasts Symphony Concerts Tuesday Night at 8,” 1
  • “Musicians to Play at Franklin Home,” 1

Greek letter societies

  • “Eight Greek Teams to Meet in First Basket Jamboree,” 4
  • “Lambdas Celebrate with Holiday Opening Formal Tomorrow at Winthrop,” 3
  • “Pledges Foil Mu Chis in Successful Sneak,” 3

Letters to the editor

  • “Departments Overly Self-Centered, Says Student –What We Need is Cooperation,” 2

Neutrality--United States

  • “Coffee’s Secretary Talks to IRC Club on Neutrality Act,” 1

Ping pong

  • “57 Men Enter Ping Pong Tournament,” 4

University of Puget Sound--Basketball

  • “College Free Throw Contest Today at 1,” 4

University of Puget Sound--Curricula

  • “Coffee’s Secretary Talks to IRC Club on Neutrality Act,” 1

University of Puget Sound--Faculty

  • “Logger’s Ax and We Tell ’Em,” 2

University of Puget Sound--Hockey

  • “W.A.A. Invited to Join University in Hockey League,” 1

University of Puget Sound--Students--Societies, etc.

  • “Choral Readers are on Second Program for Honor Society,” 1
  • “CPS Spanish Club Holds Election of New Officers,” 3
  • “YW-YM Chapel Tuesday,” 1

University of Puget Sound--Undergraduates

  • “Semester Withdrawals Set All-Time Record, 30,” 1
  • “Vocational Guidance to Take Full Day; No Classes Listed,” 1

The Trail, 1940-12-13