The Trail, 1940-02-16


The Trail, 1940-02-16



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University of Puget Sound


College athletes

  • “Player’s Corner,” 4

College sports

  • “Timber Lines,” 4

College sports--Football

  • “Sixth Straight Victory for CPS Finds McLaughlin Starring in Close Game,” 4

College students--Social life and customs

  • “Campus Prowler Speaks,” 3
  • “Comic Paper Motif for Gamma Dance,” 3
  • “Gym Jubilee Meets Success,” 4
  • “Valentines and Hearts Decorate Beta Semi-Formal Winter Dance,” 3

College theater

  • “Playcrafters Schedule Five Performances,” 1, 3
  • “‘Servant in House’ to Feature March Youth Conference,” 2

Collins Memorial Library

  • “Library Should be Functioning Unit,” 1

Debates and debating

  • “Linfield to Play Forensics Host,” 1
  • “Sixty-Six Teams Represent State Schools in Seventh College Sponsored Contest,” 1, 2


  • “What Do We Want? Peace Lost or Peace We Haven’t Found,” 2

Forums (discussion and debate)

  • “Alumni Initiate Forum Scenes,” 1

Greek letter societies

  • “Chi Nu’s This Week,” 3
  • “Gammas and Betas Annual House Parties a Success,” 3
  • “New Officers Reign for Mu Chis and Zetes,” 3

Home economics--Study and teaching

  • "Hand-Made Gloves are New Project,” 2


  • “C. Porter Writes New Hit Tunes for B’way Show,” 2

Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945

  • “Letters Reveal Plight of China,” 1

Skis and skiing

  • “Ski Heil,” 4

University of Puget Sound--Basketball

  • “CPS, Linfield Tilts Awaited,” 4
  • “Mural Fives in Hot Race for ‘A’ League Basketball Crown,” 4

University of Puget Sound--Choral organizations

  • “Choristers Eye Easter Devotions; Adelphians Preparing Spring Tour,” 2

University of Puget Sound--Department of Art and Art History

  • “Mexican Art Life in Decorative Oils by Martinez on Exhibition," 2

University of Puget Sound--Faculty

  • “Evenilda Shinna Home Ec Fellow,” 2
  • “Smith Concert Well Received,” 1

University of Puget Sound--Students--Societies, etc.

  • “Choristers Eye Easter Devotions; Adelphians Preparing Spring Tour,” 2
  • “CPS Knights of Log Elect New Officers,” 3
  • “New Zete Officers,” 2
  • “Spanish Club Initiates New Members at Supper,” 3
  • “YMCA Members Give Mehinley Program,” 2

University of Puget Sound--Swimming

  • “W.A.A. Short Shots,” 4

University of Puget Sound--Undergraduates

  • “Honor Roll Led by Ronald Rau,” 3
  • “The Test Tube,” 2
  • “There’s More in Life Than Grades, John Mary, Tom Realize,” 1

World War, 1939-1945

  • “What Do We Want? Peace Lost or Peace We Haven’t Found,” 2

The Trail, 1940-02-16