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Bleeding Heart by Padideh Aghanoury Silenced by Indigo Class is in Session: Why we need to talk about Financial Aid by Kaitlyn Vallance, Kailee Farber, Natalie Scoggins, Molly Golanka, Adrian Kjlucec Labels by Caroline Perris Frogspawn by Kiri Raynolds Bolles People like Me Shouldn’t Have to be Exceptional for Us Not to be Pitied or Killed by Denise Parry Quilt by Natalie Scoggins I am Eating Myself Alive by Sam Bainbridge Not Your Baby by Sophia Lev Flummoxed by Julia Lin Manic by Sam Bainbridge Trigger Warnings & Microaggressions by Simone Quinanola, Kaitlyn Carney, Lizzi Hahn Boy Meets Girl by Jae S. Bates Dissociative by Sam Bainbridge Bullshit by Elayna Caron Attention: Male Liberals by Denise Parry Bones by Padideh Aghanoury A Monologue of Trans Gendered Madness by Kathryn Q. Face 1 by Padideh Aghanoury Femme-NOS by Denise Parry Queering Campus: Creating Safer Spaces by Rory Wong Jacobs, Esme Whritenour, Maloy Moore, Kara Ann 13 by Nicky Sekino Thanksgiving by anonymous To All My Past Lovers by Grace Piccard Pour by Maggie Langford Peel by Maggie Langford Ecstasy of St. Emma by Maggie Langford Withered by Hannah Monsour Bitter Homes and Gardens by Simone Quinanola Divinity by Ryann Whitely Crystalline by Kiri Raynolds Bolles Why are all the trans people angry? Thoughts on anger and activism by Aryeh Conrad Fading Face by Sophia Munic Flipping through the Dictionary by Maloy Moore An Open Letter From One Mistress to Another by Lydia Bauer Catcall by Elayna Caron Women in Boxes by Sophia Lev Saturday by Shanna Williams TW by Olivia Carlson Keene Consent isn’t sexy, it’s mandatory: A survey of the sexual prevention education at University of Puget Sound by Maddy Powers, Padideh Aghanoury, Elayna Caron Ghost by anonymous Face 2 by Padideh Aghanoury How My Queerness Taught me that Love is Conditional by Denise Parry “What Cis White Men Talk About When They Talk About Diversity” by Alice Hudson My vagina would wear by Olivia Carlson Keene prunus dulcis var. amara by Natalie Scoggins


Gender and Sexuality


Wetlands Magazine

Volume Numbering

Issue 8

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Tacoma, WA


University of Puget Sound

Wetlands Magazine, Issue 8