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Natalie Scoggins, editor-in-chief; Bella Wong, art director; Catherine Huber, senior copy editor



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04... ALL MY FRIENDS Sophia Munic (CW: nudity) 05... MY PLACE Olivia K-B 06... TRANS LOVE Indigo DaCosta 07... MARK Quin Severo 08... MAY Ada Hoch-Schneider (CW: self harm, body image) RECLINING WOMAN Quin Severo (CW: nudity) 09... CERAMIC 1 Karlee Robinson 10-11...GENDER IDENTITY DISCOVERIES IN MUSIC PERFORMANCE Timmy Flock (cw: homophobic slurs, transphobia, body image) 12. .. GOLDEN Megan Lee Stills 13. .. SACRUM Maggie Lanford (CW: nudity, body horror) 14. .. I CARRY IT AROUND Anonymous FIGURE Sophia Munic (CW: nudity) 15. .. LOSS Anonymous (CW: family death, abuse, drug abuse, cancer) 16-17... I AM NOT PUGET SOUND Indigo DaCosta 18.. . DROWNING Rory Wong Jacobs 19.. . FATHOM Natalie Scoggins 20.. . TAKE MY PICTURE OFF THE WALL Maloy Moore (CW: homophobia) 21. .. YOUR PULSE Indigo DaCosta (CW: homophobia, transphobia, mass shooting - in reference to the Pulse nightclub incident in June 2016) HANDS Sophia Munic 22. .. RESPONSE Nicky Sekino (CW: racism) 23. .. REMINISCE Madyson Frank 24. .. A CURSE Anonymous 25. .. SIGILS Catherine Huber 26. .. CHRONIC PAIN 2 Kiri Raynolds Bolles (CW: body horror) 27. .. I AM NOT INVISIBLE Kaitlyn Carney 28.. . BLOOM Karlee Robinson


Wetlands Magazine

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Issue 10

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Tacoma, WA


University of Puget Sound

Wetlands Magazine, Issue 10