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Madyson Frank, editor in chief; Chelsea Bruen, copy editor; Haley Newman, assistant copy editor; Maddy McCombs, design editor; Hannah Houser, assistant design editor; Asha Berkes, art editor; Tomicia Blunt, poetry editor; Benjamin Fallis, prose editor



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6. untitled hold me Kyle Julian Parkhurst 7. it hurts Kyle Julian Parkhurst 8. stains Marissa Stafford juicy Kiri Bolles 9. me too ________Anonymous________ (cw: rape, sexual assault) 10-11. for the love of midnight untitled artwork Dana Levy 12. this is for the girls Asha Berkes 13. untitled Hannah Houser 14-15. go figure series Sophia Munic 16. test(osterone): hybrid body Indigo DaCosta succubus Walker Hewitt 17. history Daniel Lloyd Wednesday adams Walker Hewitt 18-19. natural hair series Tomicia Blunt 20-21. chipped nail polish and a barbed wire dress Alice Hudson 22. chronic pain pt. 4 Kiri Bolles (cw: body horror) 23. i take sertraline with coffee Anonymous (cw: mentions of dermatillomania and trichotil­ lomania, self-harm, suicidal ideation) 24. fuck queer culture Jae-woo Kim (A.KA. .J ae Bates) (cw: queerphobic slurs, anti-asian slurs, strong lan­ guage, NSFW text) 25. small odds Isaac Sims-Foster (cw: violence and death) 26. god is a dog named chaz Chelsea Bruen 27. moon Walker Hewitt 28-29. untitled art series mis ojos negros Juan Carlos Ortega-Esquinca 30-31. faggot somnambulist Benjamin Fallis (cw: f-slur, brief suicide mention) 32. grandma Karina Eva Grace Chernisk 33. trumpet player Kiri Bolles 34. a seat at the table Tomicia Blunt (cw: black death, police brutality) 35. vended Hannah Houser (cw: sexual violence, murders of trans women, f- slur, genitalia mention, sexually explicit dialogue, gun violence and death)


Wetlands Magazine

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Issue 12

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Tacoma, WA


University of Puget Sound

Wetlands Magazine, Issue 12