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02. THINGS I TOUCH 1 & 2 Hannah Houser 05. WHO R U Shanna Williams (cw: self harm) 06. UNTITLED Kanchan Armstrong 07-08. FOUR MONTHS Em Catanzaro 09-10. THE MISSING ELEMENTS Timmy Flock 11. SILENCE Nia Henderson 12. UNTITLED Jae Bates (cw: abuse) SNAKE Rory Wong Jacobs (cw: nudity; blood) 13-16. REJECTING VIRGINITY Indigo DaCosta (cw: heteronormativity; mention of rape; mention of blood) 16. SAUCY SCRIBBLES Waterlily Moondust (cw: nudity; sex) 17. 109. Sophia Munic VALENTINES 1-3 Sophia Munic (cw: nudity) 18. OCD Shanna Williams (cw: self harm) 19-20. YOU FORGOT WE WERE MAGIC Laney Paradise 21. CONTENTMENT Savanah Tartler (cw: nudity) 22. THE NIGHT OF... (HANG ON DARLING, GENTLE NOW) Evan Welsh 23-24. SOLO LAS LÁGRIMAS DE NUESTROS ABUELOS CAERÁN DEL CIELO Juan-Carlos Ortega Esquinca 24. JEWELS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Sam 25. YOU'RE NOT A GODDAMN SAINT FOR TELLING A HALF-TRUTH Anonymous (cw: rape; rape apologism) 26. I'VE NEVER WRITTEN A POEM ABOUT YOU Shanna Williams (cw: abuse) 27-28. ON MOUNTAINS AND RELIEF Anonymous 29-30. HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL Carlisle W. Huntington 32. STAND STRONG AND STABLE WITH YOUR BODY (LAVENDER LADY) Waterlily Moondust (cw: nudity; genitals) CICADOIDEA Grace Piccard 33. TRAUMA IS ONE HELL OF A DRUG Anonymous (cw: dissociation) 34-35. FUCKING AWFUL Alice Hudson (cw: t-slur; sexually explicit language; mentions of genitalia) 36. //FLESH Cat Huber 37. THE IDEAL SELF Dynah Bodvel (cw: nudity; genitals) 38. DECEMBER 28, 2014 Indigo DaCosta (cw: death of a trans woman)


Gender and Sexuality


Wetlands Magazine

Volume Numbering

Issue 11

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Tacoma, WA


University of Puget Sound

Wetlands Magazine, Issue 11