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Moon is My Favorite Lesbian by Denise Parry In Utero/Possibilities by Sophia Lev Mother Poem, Mother Home by Anonymous White Feminism by Natalie Balkam, Kaitlyn Camey, Natalie Scoggins Treasure Chest by Jae Bates Sleeping in Separate Houses by Colleen McNeely Comic by Amanda Woolsey Understanding, Here and There by Denise Parry Render by K.O. Leeches Reproduce by Reciprocal Fertilization. by Hailey Snover A View From the Past by Sophia Munic Surviving by Anonymous “Power and Dysphoria: Towards a World of Trans Flourishing” by Kathryn Queirolo Thanks Obama by Tony Calabrese-Thomas Leelah by Indigo Dad Rage by Anonymous Ophelia is so bad for yourself by Michelle Leatherby monster/woman by Natalie Scoggins Evidence: by Hailey Snover To being what you did not foresee by Rose Pytte Untitled by Sophie Lev More Blood on the Ground by Natalie Balkam CItrus Sanguine by Maggie Langford Poppies: A Biomythogrpahy by Hailey Snover The Day I Learned to Garden by Sophie Lev Inspiration Porn by Jae Bates Public Service Announcement by David Bodvel untitled by anonymous Real World by Indigo Spotted Gender by Sophia Munic The Times I Got Drunk by Elsie he was my boyfriend by Shanna Williams $1.29 by Anonymous Narratives of Biopolitics at the Northwest Detention Center by Arda Bulak Latinx by Gabriela Yoque Hand me my Anatomy (sex) by Sophia Munic A Ghost No Guest by Ricky Mave Never - until by Mica Thompson Re-Examination: Taking a Good, Hard Look at UPS Sexual Assault Policy by by Amanda Woolsey Borther by Zoe Branch It is Me by Tony Calabrese-Thomas Stand With Me by Zeman Nathoo Bra Straps by Maloy Moore Growing Pain by Heather Miller Sisterhood by Elayna Caron Refusal by Gabriela Yoque


Gender and Sexuality


Wetlands Magazine

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Issue 9

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Tacoma, WA


University of Puget Sound

Wetlands Magazine, Issue 9