This collection represents a sample of faculty work from the Department of English. The department’s diverse faculty interests cover all aspects of literary studies, from English literature’s traditional roots to its contemporary experiments.


Submissions from 1993


Langston Hughes: A Study of the Short Fiction, Hans Ostrom

Reconsidering Genre-Boundaries, Hans Ostrom

The Bearer Of The Gaze In Scott,ridley 'thelma And Louise' + Female Road Movie, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1992

bones' - Fisher,f, Ann Putnam

The Bear, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1991


Review of: St. Bonaventure as a Biblical Commentator by Thomas Reist, Denise Despres

Review of: The Theatre of Devotion: East Anglian Drama and Society in the Late Middle Ages by Gail McMurray Gibson, Denise Despres


Lives and Moments: An Introduction to Short Fiction, Hans Ostrom


Three to Get Ready: A Novel, Hans Ostrom

Submissions from 1990

Margery Kempe, Denise Despres


Review of: A Small Sound of the Trumpet: Women in Medieval Life by Margaret Wade Labarge, Denise Despres

'mapping The Distance' - Hokanson,a, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1989


Ghostly Sights: Visual Meditation in Late-Medieval Literature, Denise Despres

'south Of The Border' - Cooke,jb, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1988


Memory and Image: Franciscan Meditative Texts, Denise Despres


The Art of Scriptural Interpolation in the Book of Margery Kempe, Denise Despres

Betrayal And Redemption In The Fiction Of Hudson,lois,phillips, Ann Putnam

The 'train To Estelline' - Wood,jr, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1987


Exemplary Penance and Franciscan Meditation, Denise Despres

Redeeming the Flesh in Marie de France’s Yonec, Denise L. Despres

Dissemblings And Disclosure In Hemingway's "an Alpine Idyll.", Ann Putnam

'pats Whores' - Dahl,b, Ann Putnam

'wine Of Wyoming' And Hemingway Hidden West, Ann Putnam

Submissions from 1985


Franciscan Spirituality: Margery Kempe and Visual Meditation, Denise Despres

Review of: The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England by Marion Glasscoe, Denise Despres


Leigh Hunt: A Reference Guide, Hans Ostrom and Timothy J. Lulofs

Submissions from 1984

15th-century Glosses On The 'prophecy Of John Of Bridlington' - A Text, Its Meaning And Its Purpose, Michael Curley

Submissions from 1982


A New Edition Of John-of-cornwall 'prophetia Merlini', Michael Curley

Submissions from 1981


The Masks Of Campbell,joseph, Florence Sandler and D. Reeck

Submissions from 1980


The Cloak of Anonymity and "The Prophecy of John of Bridlington", Michael Curley

Submissions from 1979


Review of: Angel of Apocalypse: Blake's Idea of Milton by Joseph Anthony Wittreich, Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1978


Thomas Fuller's "Pisgah-Sight of Palestine" as a Comment on the Politics of Its Time, Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1977

Rebuilding Jerusalem In 1650 - Fuller,thomas 'pisgahsight Of Palestine', Florence Sandler


The Temple Of Zerubbabel: Pattern For Reformation In Thomas Fuller's Pisgah-Sight and Church-History of Britain, Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1976

Profile Of A Contemporary - Erdman,david,v., Florence Sandler

Submissions from 1975


A Note On Bertilaks Beard, Michael Curley

Milton Poetry Of Choice And Its Romantic Heirs - Brisman,l, Florence Sandler

The Illuminated Blake - Erdman,dv, Florence Sandler