Faculty Advisor

Rickoll, Wayne

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2012


The role of contractile actin and myosin filaments filaments and the links they form with other proteins are vitally important to single cell wound healing, Which occurs in synctial Drosophila embryos as well as in vertebrates. Previous work by Wayne Rickoll has concentrated on determining the orientations of actin during wound healing during dorsal closure in Drosophila, a morphogenetic process in which epidermal cells extend to cover the embryonic gut during development. Transmission electron microscope analysis of cells undergoing dorsal closure revealed that actin is oriented parallel and perpendicular to the leading edge of the wound. Based on this observation we hypothesized that the same orientations exist in single cell wound healing. Our analysis should allow us to determine if both orientations are necessary for single cell wound healing and are related to the accumulation of other proteins in the wound healing process.


University of Puget Sound