Max KeyesFollow

Faculty Advisor

Barkin, Gareth

Area of Study

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Date

Summer 2012


Dark tourism, which is the travel to places associated with death and suffering, can play an important role in a country’s economy and construction of historical narratives. Visiting sites associated with the Vietnam War has emerged as a vibrant part of Vietnam’s tourist industry, and crowds of foreign tourists can be found at several sites that are dedicated to commemorating the war. Several questions emerge from these sites, concerning the nature of their representation of the war, the reasons tourists visit, the impact on perceptions of visiting tourists, and the ethical implications on local Vietnamese that war tourism creates. This study is an attempt to explore these questions, as well dark tourism’s broader relationship to society, and war tourism’s relevance to the study of dark tourism and the nature of its existence in a focused case study of Vietnam.


University of Puget Sound