Faculty Advisor

Moore, Sarah

Area of Study

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Date

Summer 2015


This study examined specific components that influence employee attitude toward organizational change. Prior research tested the effects of organizational identity, cultural readiness to change, age, and tenure as variables that predict attitude toward organizational change. While perception of the change is discussed in past research as another potential variable, it has yet to be examined as a mediating variable between the various components and attitude toward organizational change. In this study, we predicted that the mediating variable, perception of organizational change, affects the relation between organizational identity, cultural readiness to change, age, and tenure, and attitude toward organizational change.

To substantiate our prediction, we compiled a survey comprised of items measuring the multiple constructs in the model. The survey addressed the change associated with the transition from Cascade to PeopleSoft servers at the University of Puget Sound. The survey was distributed by the Institutional Research Department to faculty and staff.

We hoped to gain knowledge about the components influencing attitude toward organizational change, for the purpose of more accurately predicting attitude. A better understanding of the effects of organizational change, coupled with more accurate predictions of attitude, could allow the university to take calculated measures during the implementation of future changes for the purpose of gaining a wider acceptance during transitions.

Analysis revealed that an employee’s perception of appropriateness had the most influence on their attitude towards organizational change. This suggests that an employer should emphasize the importance and necessity of a transition in order to maximize the employees’ positive attitude following the organizational change. Data analysis is on going.


University of Puget Sound