Cody ChunFollow

Faculty Advisor

Benveniste, Michael

Area of Study

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Date

Summer 2015


My research examines the concept of the void in the fiction of Roberto Bolaño. I devote particular attention to the posthumous novel 2666, which concerns the real life murders of women in Ciudad Juárez. Informed by readings in philosophy and theology, I use the void to center two antithetical penta-dimensional frameworks that constitute five areas of qualitative assessment in an interpretation of the feminicides: being/non-being, goodness/evil, fate/coincidence, order/chaos, the existence of God/the non-existence of God. I use these paradigms to read the feminicides portrayed by the novel as evidence for the existence or non-existence of God. In the dialectic of the novel, this approach translates to a way to understand evil, begging the question, “How do readers understand an evil that defies explanation in a world characterized by secularity?” In light of the recent proliferation of world crises, this question demarcates a context that allows for paradigmatic synthesis and that reflects the dissonance between being in a state of evil and understanding it.


University of Puget Sound