Faculty Advisor

Gardner, Andrew

Area of Study

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Date

Summer 2020


In this project I researched the interactions between Tacoma’s homeless population and interstitial spaces. Interstitial space is the unplanned or abandoned space that can be seen throughout urban areas. It consists of those spaces where planning and boundaries are unclear or non-existent; a space seemingly missed, un-calculated, or overlooked by city planners. In conversation with Professor Andrew Gardner, who has conducted extensive field research on the subject in Doha, Qatar, I focused my research on the vitality and social importance of interstitial space to the homeless communities of our society in this era of high inequality in America. The goal of this project was to explore Professor Gardner’s hypothesis that this space does in fact hold important social functionality to these marginalized communities and to work with him to further develop this concept with field-based empirical evidence.


Summer Research


University of Puget Sound