Faculty Advisor

Peter Hodum

Area of Study

Science and Mathematics

Publication Date

Summer 2021


Ferns play an important role in the Pacific Northwest forest understory. Their height is determined by a variety of factors including light availability, soil moisture content, and soil quality. Climate change will play a significant role in all of these factors. In this study, I used experimental treatments to simulate different precipitation scenarios (monthly rainfall in June in the years 1990, 2021 and 2050) and explore how the decreasing trends in precipitation due to climate change in the Pacific Northwest will affect native fern growth. Thirty-six ferns were divided evenly into three treatments that simulated June rainfall amounts in 1990, 2021, and 2050 with growth measured weekly. Results indicate that decreasing precipitation is correlated with reduced growth and, likely, long-term survival.


General Award


University of Puget Sound